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About the Panama City Field Office

The GTRI Field Office in Panama City, FL is located on Thomas Drive about ¼ South of Naval Support Activity, Panama City. The field office supports a broad range of projects targeted at C4ISR and deployable communication capabilities. Major efforts are ongoing for Deployable Joint Command and Control (DJC2), Naval Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) as well as special projects for United Stated Pacific Command (USPACOM) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The work performed by the GTRI Panama City Field Office is centered around cyber technology and information security for deployable Department of Defense communications systems, but can rapidly expand to cover any area supported by the eight laboratories located in Atlanta, GA.

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Plan an enjoyable visit to the Panama City Office and Panama City Beach, FL. Home of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches. Visit the tabs across the bottom of this page for local maps, driving directions, parking, transit and security information.

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Visitor Procedures

Classified visits are necessary when the purpose of the visits cannot be achieved without access to, or disclosure of, classified information. All classified visits require advance notification to and approval of GTRI.

Visits to the Institute Involving Access to Classified Information

  1. GTRI visitors must sign in and out on the register for classified visits with the building attendant of the building visited. All visitors attending classified meetings must have an approved classified visit request for the specific visit on file with the GTRI Research Security Department.
  2. All visitors will have their identity verified and remain under constant escort when in areas in which classified work is in progress or classified information is available, unless otherwise authorized by the Research Security Department. The designated escort will be made aware of the visitor's access and movement limitations by the visitor's point of contact. Transfer of escort responsibility to another employee will be accomplished directly and personally.
  3. Visitors will be prohibited from making recordings during classified discussions, or taking photographs in any area where classified information might be recorded on film, unless the visitor has received prior written approval by the Government Contracting Authority (GCA) whose classified information is involved. A copy of this authorization must be provided to GTRI's director of research security in advance of the visit.
  4. Classified material may not be released to a visitor without prior written approval of the GCA, except as required in connection with contract administration, in performance of a prime or subcontract or as necessary in connection with an official investigation.
  5. Representatives of the federal government, when acting in their official capacity as inspectors, investigators or auditors, may visit the Institute without advanced notification, provided these representatives present appropriate government credentials upon arrival.

Long-term Visitors

Long-term visitors will follow GTRI's security procedures while a resident in the facility. Additionally, long-term visitors will:

  1. Arrange for their own visits away from the facility through their own company security office.
  2. Execute a security agreement acknowledging that they will follow GTRI's security policies and procedures. (Government employees and intermittent visitors are excluded from this requirement.)
  3. Not be permitted to be custodians of classified material.

Visits Not Involving Access to Classified Information

  1. Visitors will not be permitted to obtain physical, visual or aural access to classified information or material.
  2. When required, the visitor will present satisfactory identification and complete and sign the visitor register with the building attendant of the building visited.
  3. Prior authorization from GTRI's director of research security will be required for non-escort status and authorization to bring reproduction or recording equipment or material into the facility to be used in conjunction with a classified visit.

Classified Visit Request

Ashley Pecks
Phone: 404-407-6661
Fax: 404-407-8691
JPAS SMO Code: 0KC834

When you request to visit, please have the name and phone number of your GTRI point of contact available.