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January 24, 2008Improved Decontamination: Optimized UV-C Phosphor Kills Anthrax Spores in Combination with X-rays Sensor Technologies
January 22, 2008Asthma Attack: Vest-based Sensors Monitor Environmental Exposure to Help Understand CausesSensor Technologies
January 18, 2008GTRI Develops Airborne Test Platform for Evaluating Sensors and High-Speed Communications LinksSensor Technologies
Information and Communication Technologies
January 18, 2008Secure Collaborative Visualization Environment (SCoVE)Systems Engineering
Information and Communication Technologies
January 18, 2008Upgrading C-130 Defensive Capability With GTRI’s Integrated Defensive Avionics SoftwareSystems Engineering
Sensor Technologies
Test and Evaluation
January 16, 2008GTVC: Mapping Tool Allows Emergency Management Personnel to Visually Track ResourcesInformation and Communication Technologies
December 18, 2007Explosives on a Chip: Unique Porous Copper Structures Enable New Generation of Military Micro-detonatorsSystems Engineering
November 28, 2007Improving Fuel Cell Durability: Research into Better Fuel Cell Materials and Designs Starts with Studying FailuresSystems Engineering
November 3, 2007Vision-based Screening System Detects Liner Material in Processed FoodsSystems Engineering
November 3, 2007Prototype Sensor under Development to Automatically Detect Chlorine Levels in Poultry Chiller WaterSensor Technologies
November 3, 2007Repetitive Stress: Improved EWAS Takes Aim at Worker InjuriesSystems Engineering
October 25, 2007Georgia Tech Ireland Teams with IntelliOne on TrafficAid® IPTV ProjectInformation and Communication Technologies
September 27, 2007New Biosensor Detects Avian Influenza Virus in Minutes, Not DaysSensor Technologies
August 28, 2007Safe Water: Simpler Method for Analyzing Radium in Water Samples Cuts Testing TimeTest and Evaluation
June 9, 2007Wireless Research at Georgia Tech is Opening New Doors for People with Disabilities Systems Engineering
June 8, 2007Validation and Vision: Long-term Emissions Monitoring Validates Vehicle Inspection Program and Offers Policy InsightsSensor Technologies
April 11, 20073D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency While Reducing Size, Weight and Complexity of Photovoltaic Arrays Systems Engineering
March 8, 2007A Stronger Warning: Researchers Patent Digital Process for Aircraft Radar Warning ReceiversSystems Engineering
Sensor Technologies
Test and Evaluation
March 6, 2007Chlorine's Casualties and Counsel: GTRI Scientists and Engineers Assist in Aftermath of Chlorine Spill Information and Communication Technologies
January 10, 2007Pavement Marking: Automated System Installs Pavement Markers, Improving Safety for Road Crews and DriversSystems Engineering
August 27, 2006Flying on Hydrogen: Georgia Tech Researchers Use Fuel Cells to Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Engineering
July 25, 2006Improving Medical Devices: GTRI Expands Testing Capabilities to Help Reduce Potential InterferenceSystems Engineering
June 11, 2006Protecting Sensitive Data: GTRI Develops Fail-Safe Techniques for Erasing Magnetic Storage Media Systems Engineering
May 21, 2006Data Sharing: GTRI Assists U.S. Government Agencies with National Information Exchange Model Information and Communication Technologies
May 8, 2006100-to-1 Bandwidth: New Planar Design Allows Fabrication of Ultra Wideband Phased Array Antennas Sensor Technologies
Test and Evaluation