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July 26, 2010Military Adoption of Open-Source SoftwareGovernment
May 26, 2010Quantum Future: Designing and Testing Microfabricated Planar Ion Traps Government
May 12, 2010LaserFest Helps Fuel Interest of K-12 Students in Science and EngineeringGovernment
April 29, 2010Imaging System Ensures Quality in Meat CookingIndustry
April 20, 2010Power of Graphics Processing Units May Threaten Password SecurityGovernment
April 20, 2010Polymer-Coated Optical Sensor Offers Improved Explosives DetectionGovernment
April 20, 2010Open-Source Movement May Accelerate Military Software DevelopmentGovernment
April 20, 2010New Wireless Captioning System Debuts at Dallas Cowboys StadiumIndustry
April 20, 2010Information Operations Research Helps Protect Systems from Cyber AttacksGovernment
April 20, 2010Interactive High-Definition Connection Brings University Research to K-12 SchoolsGovernment
April 20, 2010Emissions Initiative Makes Yellowstone More Environmentally FriendlyGovernment
April 20, 2010Deployable Mobile Headquarters Gains Communication UpgradesGovernment
April 20, 2010Collaborative Unmanned Vehicles Could Revolutionize Underwater Surveillance Government
March 2, 2010NASA Grant Enables Development of Novel Radar to Map Ice Formations Remotely Government
February 3, 2010Arthritis simulation gloves aid companies in designing easy-to-use productsIndustry
January 11, 2010Wind Energy: ARPA-E Grant Aims to Reduce Cost and Expand Use of Wind Turbines for Generating ElectricityGovernment
December 15, 2009Testing Standards: GTRI Publishes Programming Handbook for Air Force Flight-Test CommunityGovernment
December 11, 2009I Spy A Red Balloon: Georgia Tech Team Wins Key Insights in DARPA Network ChallengeGovernment
November 16, 2009Full Automatic: Missile Protection Upgrade Helps Military Pilots Focus on Job OneGovernment
November 4, 2009GTRI Team Studies Breath Test for Detecting Breast CancerIndustry
November 4, 2009Testing Product Usability for Arthritis AustraliaIndustry
November 2, 2009Using Nanotechnology to Detect Gamma RadiationGovernment
November 2, 2009Using Military Antenna Technology to Relay Ocean DataIndustry
November 2, 2009Safety First: Investigators Test Compliance of Nuclear Plant’s Warning SystemIndustry
October 21, 2009Improved Electric Propulsion Could Boost Satellite LifetimeGovernment