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A Commitment to Diversity
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The Georgia Tech Research Institute believes diversity is essential. GTRI relies on a diverse workforce to become the world’s pre-eminent applied research and development organization. It takes all of us.

Respect for differences is a key part of our culture and vital element of our success. At GTRI, excellence is achieved by synthesizing contributions from people of varied ideas, backgrounds and perspectives.

The objective of GTRI’s Diversity Initiative is to enhance GTRI’s sense of community, raise awareness, educate and foster a greater appreciation for diversity.  

GTRI's commitment to diversity is absolute. It allows us to attract, develop and retain the very best talent available. Our commitment also ensures that we forge the relationships necessary to continue our dynamic growth.

“Tea With The Dean” which is an annual event hosted by GT’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Women in Engineering. The event was held in the Student Center Ballroom and it was filled with over a hundred first year female engineers. The excitement and wonder the students felt was evident throughout the ballroom.

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Title:                          Welcoming Diversity in the Workplace: Prejudice Reduction” 

Date:                         September 24

Time:                        8:30a - 4:30p 

Location:                 Student Center – Piedmont Room

Facilitators               Cheryl Cofield/Dean Stephanie Ray


Description:  Every human being has the capacity to discriminate and be discriminated against, and every individual’s behavior impacts the workplace environment. This course helps to reduce prejudice in the workplace by assisting individuals: identify the information/misinformation we learned about other groups; identify and express pride in the group(s) to which we belong; learn how groups, other than our own, experience mistreatment; learn the personal impact of specific incidents of discrimination; and learn how to interrupt prejudicial jokes, remarks, and slurs.

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Title:                          “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes:  Linking Perception to Performance”

Date:                        October 23

Time:                        8:30a - 12:00p 

Location:                 Student Center – Piedmont Room

Facilitators              Cheryl Cofield/Dean Stephanie Ray


Description:            Explores how bias and perception impact people’s thoughts and behaviors - which leads to differences in treatment - resulting in differences in performance and productivity.  Utilizing an updated version of the classic Jane Elliot video, Brown-Eyes, Blue Eyes, participants are gently encouraged to contemplate whether they may be creating exclusive work environments as well as their responsibility in eliminating "isms" in the workplace.

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