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March 6, 2006Sensing Support: SENSIAC Helps the Military Advance Technologies for Defense Sensors Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
February 28, 2006Crisis Talk: GTRI Helps Implement Statewide Interoperable Communications System Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
January 16, 2006Georgia Tech Researchers Develop Portable “Vein Finder” for Faster, More Accurate Injections Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
December 19, 2005Evaluating Products’ Usability for People with Disabilities and Recommend Design ImprovementsElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
December 9, 2005Nanoengineered Silicon-Germanium Microchips May Herald New Applications from Radar to Space ExplorationSensors & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL)
October 2, 2005New High-speed Wireless Internet Technology Shows Potential for Improving Education in Rural Areas Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
September 11, 2005Concept Vehicle Illustrating New Options for Military Combat Vehicles Unveiled Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
July 13, 2005Augmented Reality Technology May Bridge Communication Gap in Poultry Processing Plants Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
April 12, 2005Wearable Captioning System to Make Public Venues Accessible to People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
April 7, 2005New Training Program Helps Public Safety Personnel Protect Themselves from Methamphetamine Labs Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
April 3, 2005Georgia Tech Advances Solar Energy ResearchElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
April 3, 2005GTRI Collaborates With the Asian Institute of Technology to Create Detailed Maps of Tsunami-Stricken AreasElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
February 28, 2005Tiny Towers: Carbon Nanotube Structures Could Provide More Efficient Solar Power for Soldiers Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
January 31, 2005Better, Stronger, Faster: New Military Vehicle Will Improve Safety and Efficiency for Marine Corps Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
January 19, 2005Rapid-Fire Reasoning: Helping Military Leaders Make Better Decisions Under Pressure Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
January 5, 2005Aerodynamic Improvements & Flow Control System Boost Fuel Efficiency in Heavy Trucks Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
November 23, 2004Sensing Danger: Researchers Develop New Sensing Technologies to Improve Response to Chemical and Biological AttacksElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
November 23, 2004Georgia Tech Researchers Explore Potential Solutions to Information Security ProblemsElectro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)
October 28, 2004Real-time Testing for PKU: First-ever Self-monitoring Device Under Development for Rare Genetic Disorder Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
July 14, 2004Collaboration and Visualization Tool Improves Incident Planning and Response for Emergency Management OfficialsInformation and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
June 17, 2004Homeland Security: Georgia Tech Helps Provide Foundation for New Justice Information Sharing Initiative Information and Communications Laboratory (ICL)
May 30, 2004SMARTRAQ Demonstrates How Community Design Affects Travel Behavior, Air Quality and Health Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS)
April 29, 2004Detecting Hidden Mold Behind Gypsum WallboardElectronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
April 14, 2004Factory Floor Communication: Standardizing Information Systems for "Plug and Play" Power Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)
April 12, 2004Developing the Manufacturing Technology to Produce Electrical Devices from Carbon Nanotubes Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)