Integrity is Our Foundation

Integrity is at the core of GTRI’s reputation for excellence. We are committed to professional integrity within our organization and with our interactions with customers.

Compliance Assurance Program

GTRI’s Compliance Assurance Program was established in January, 1998 to provide an organizational framework for compliance with new regulations and policies due to our transition to FAR 31.2 cost accounting.

Our compliance program is among the first for higher education. However, we are following in the footsteps of colleagues in the commercial defense and medical research industries who have used compliance—or ethics and business conduct—programs for many years.

Code of Business Conduct: A Summary

GTRI's Code of Business Conduct outlines expected behaviors for all employees assigned to GTRI. The highest standards of ethical business conduct are required of GTRI personnel in the performance of our organization's responsibilities. Employees will not engage in conduct or activity that may raise questions as to GTRI's honesty, impartiality, reputation or otherwise cause embarrassment to the organization. This guide is consistent with recently released statements of ethics by the University System of Georgia and Georgia Tech.
The following is a summary of the guidance provided in this document.

If in doubt, ask: The GTRI Compliance Assurance Office will be contacted regarding any ethical dilemmas or questionable behavior within the organization, or behavior that may conflict (or seem to conflict) with GTRI's commitment to proper ethical conduct. A confidential call to the 24-hour Georgia Tech Hotline (1-866-294-5565) will also ensure that any ethical matters will be handled expeditiously. Employees will refrain from retaliating against those who report any violations. In addition, employees should seek guidance, if in doubt about any conflicts of interests with GTRI stakeholders. Such conflicts should be considered when dealing with sponsors, other government staff, our communities, and any political and private consulting activities.

Respect for all: Everyone with whom we interact should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. We should work together and ensure a working environment free of drugs, environmental and other workplace hazards, and a strong safeguard of institute-owned property including software and electronic data. All internal and external audits and investigations will be handled with full cooperation and integrity from all employees.

Product integrity: GTRI generated products, including related information, data, and ideas, as well as information entrusted to us by our sponsors will be handled with extreme care. We follow all applicable government, GT, and GTRI policies related to the protection of classified information, export control, and research subjects.

Financial integrity: Our financial dealings must be above reproach. We must conduct our work in the most cost effective manner, maintain accurate/complete financial and time reporting records, and ensure proper cost and pricing for our research proposals. We must ensure that all GTRI expenditures are for the benefit of the sponsor and the state of Georgia.

Excellence: We strive for excellence by continually improving the way we do business and always performing at the highest levels of quality in all GTRI work. We seek ways to expand our knowledge through professional development. We seek to be innovative in all we do.

Accountability: We hold ourselves and each other accountable for ethical business conduct.

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