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September 16, 2014ICS-ISAC Hosts First Fall Conference at Georgia TechIndustry
August 7, 2014Multiple UAVs Perform Autonomous Formation FlightGovernment
July 23, 2014BlackForest Aggregates Threat Information to Warn of Possible Cyber AttacksIndustry
July 15, 2014Improved Telemedicine System Connects Doctors to Autism Patients in Rural GeorgiaIndustry
July 14, 2014GTRI’s Robert McGrath Named to DOE National Laboratory Task ForceGovernment
July 10, 2014Agile Aperture Antenna Tested on Aircraft to Survey Ground Emitters, Maintain Satellite ConnectionGovernment
June 24, 2014Georgia Tech and CNN to Explore Media Use of UAVs in U.S. AirspaceGovernment
June 18, 2014Synthetic Aperture Sonar to Help Navy Hunt Sea MinesGovernment
June 11, 2014GTRI Huntsville Works to Shorten Modeling and Simulation TestingGovernment
June 4, 2014GTRI's Development of New Ion Traps Advances Quantum Computing SystemsGovernment
May 28, 2014GTRI's Miniature Gas Chromatograph Could Help Farmers Detect Crop Diseases EarlierIndustry
May 20, 2014GTRI’s MINT Program Helps Pinpoint Threats Contained in Intelligence Data Government
May 15, 2014Georgia National Guard Collaborates with GTRI on Cyber DefenseGovernment
May 6, 2014GTRI Helps Equipment Manufacturer Develop Novel Poultry Yield Detection Management SystemIndustry
April 9, 2014GTRI a Prize Winner in DARPA Spectrum ChallengeGovernment
April 3, 2014Tiny Wireless Sensing Device Alerts Users to Telltale Vapors Remotely Government
March 14, 2014Georgia Tech, WellStar Health System Announce CollaborationIndustry
March 12, 2014GTRI Hosts Discussion on SE Regional Economic ClustersGovernment
February 18, 2014Chemical Companion Evolves from Information Resource to Sophisticated Decision-Support SystemGovernment
January 31, 2014GTRI Launches Trustmark Website at Identity Ecosystem Steering Group MeetingGovernment
January 21, 2014Online Design: Novel Collaborative Software Helps Systems Engineers Link Performance and Cost Government
December 19, 2013DoE Awards GTRI Contract to Detect Cyber Attacks on UtilitiesGovernment
November 14, 2013Carbon Nanotube Electron Field Emitters Will Get Space TestingGovernment
November 5, 2013Georgia Tech Helps Design Easy-to-Open, Child-Resistant Medicine Bottle for a Pfizer MedicationIndustry
October 29, 2013GTRI Plays Major Part in Association of Old Crows’ 50th Government